Navigating Engineering and Manufacturing as a Woman with Sirisha Kuchimanchi

The pace and lifestile in manufacturing and engineering is different from what you find in academic research. So is the culture. Namely, they have been male dominated spaces, historically.

This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I will be takling with my guest, Sirisha Kuchumanchi, about how, as a woman in these spaces, you can own your career, pivoting and growing as your path meanders and evolves.

What we covered during our conversation about the place of women in engineering and manufacturing:

  • The challenges of cultural differences in the work place

  • Navigating a new job

  • How to engage in meetings, asking questions and providing solutions

  • The importance of personal connections and of asking for help

  • The importance of mentorship and networking

  • Transferable skills gained from the PhD

  • The importance of finding one’s voice

  • The challenges facing women in STEM careers and the importance of seizing opportunities

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Sirisha is the founder of “Sahita” a Global community for South Asian Women for Career & Financial Empowerment. She hosts the Podcast “Women, Career & Life” and the Radio Show “Life Beats with Sirisha”. Her podcast is listed in the top 30% of Spotify podcasts. Her mission is to provide practical ideas and resources for women to further their career & life goals as they strive toward financial independence.

Sirisha is a former Global Engineering & Manufacturing Executive from Texas Instruments, a Fortune 200 company. She co-chaired the Tech & Manufacturing Women’s ERG which supported over 500 employees across 3 continents and 8 countries. Sirisha is an immigrant from India and earned her doctorate in Materials Science & Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Sirisha’s aim is to promote gender equality by empowering more women to take control of their careers and finances.

Thank you, Sirisha Kuchimanchi

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