Tamarah Luk – Taking on Further Studies After Grad School – Law

Sometimes, when you finish your studies you get a job, or you start a business. Sometimes, you go back to school. Be it because you want to go to law school or med school, or because you want to access a domain that requires you to have a related degree, you may be headed back to the classroom after grad school. You’ll probably be a much better student than you were before, and your motivation for studying and for completing your new degree will be much greater at this juncture. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking with Tamarah Luk, and hearing about how she decided to study law after her master’s degree and how she navigated her way to the position she occupies today.

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Tamarah is a former scientist, who left the lab bench for the law. After a master’s degree in neuroscience, she went to law school to become a patent lawyer, but on her way there, she took unique and exciting opportunities that lead her down a completely different path. She is now Director of Legal Affairs at an entertainment production company in Toronto.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The importance of self-care in having a healthy work-life balance
  • How fighting inertia and stepping outside your comfort zone can bring you significant payoffs professionally
  • How “drinking your own Kool-Aid” is part of the job hunt and of the interview process
  • Why doing informational interviews with people in domains that interest you is key to you finding your dream career
  • What skills translate from grad school to law school and what new skills you’ll need to develop
  • Why self-care is key to keeping a healthy routine

This episode’s pearls of Wisdom:

“Whatever your interests are, maybe just pick up one or two things that interest you outside of your research or your professional life, and take some time, one hour every other day, just to invest in that.”

“You guys are all marketable individuals. You’re all highly qualified and bring a lot to the table, so even if an opportunity doesn’t pan out, and eventually, you will find something that works for you. It might be a gradual process, but you won’t know unless you embrace that uncertainty and take a plunge.”

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