Women in STEM

Navigating Engineering and Manufacturing as a Woman with Sirisha Kuchimanchi

The pace and lifestile in manufacturing and engineering is different from what you find in academic research. So is the culture. Namely, they have been male dominated spaces, historically. This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I will be takling with my guest, Sirisha Kuchumanchi, about how, as a woman in these spaces,…

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Are Things Changing for the Better for Women in STEM? with Krishna Kadiyala (Rerun)

In this week on the show, I’m bringing you another treasure from the vault – my Season 2 conversation with Krishna Kadiyala about her experience as a woman in the STEM space, and in particular about her decision to have children during the PhD. While you’re here, I’ll take the opportunity to let you know…

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