Promoting Career Success in STEM with Harinder Singh

Hi! This week I have the pleasure of bringing you someone whose mission is to help graduate students and postdocs with their career development. As Director of UC Irvine’s GPS-STEM Program, Harinder Singh achieves this transition support through different approaches, including training, mentoring, and networking. During our conversation, we talked about how he got interested…

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A Vision of Graduate School for the 21st Century With Monica Granados

Support the show on Patreon ! Or buy me a coffee 🙂 This week on the show, I bring you a very lucid and pleasant conversation about how the graduate school experience could improve with Monica Granados, Policy advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada. A lot of the conversation revolved around a subject that…

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SciComm Roundtable – Part 1 – Scientists and the News Cycle – What The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us So Far

This is the first of a 3-part series that will close the first season of Papa PhD. The world is still very much fighting and trying to understand the COVID-19 pandemic at the moment this episode is airing, so I am bringing you the interventions of my guests on a panel that took place in…

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