imposter syndrome

Thriving as a First Gen Graduate Student With Dominique Louër

In this week’s episode of Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I sat down with the Dominique Louër, a 4th-year PhD candidate at McGill University. Dominique shared her journey as a first-gen graduate student overcoming multiple challenges, from losing a supervisor to facing down imposter syndrome. Despite the hurdles she faced, Dominique championed a passion…

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Managing Your Imposter Experience During and Beyond Your Degree with Marc Reid

This week, on the first Papa PhD episode of 2023, I am bringing you an incredibly insightful conversation about the impostor phenomenon in academia and beyond with Marc Reid, PhD, author of You Are Not a Fraud – A Scientist’s Guide to the Imposter Phenomenon. Imposter feelings are ubiquitous in graduate school and throughout your…

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