academic mental health

Dealing With Mental Unrest in Grad School With Jessica Schleider

Struggling with anxiety, the fear of evaluation, or just feeling overwhelmed in grad school? You’re not alone. Join host David Mendes with special guest Dr. Jessica Schleider, Associate Psychology Professor at Northwestern University, as they dive deep into the mental health challenges faced by graduate students around the world, today. Jessica L. Schleider, PhD, is…

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How To Stop Burnout In Its Tracks With Özgün Ünver

Burnout. You probably know someone who has gone through it, or you may have burnt out, yourself. Academic burnout is real and often taboo, and this week on the podcast, I am talking with a coach specializing in helping researchers avoid it and manage it – Özgün Ünver, form Mind Your Own Revisions. During our…

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The State of the Post-PhD Job Market With Ashley Ruba

Are you ready for what comes after getting your degree? Or after your second or third postdoc? How does the job market treat PhDs today? These are questions I had no answers to when I was finishing my PhD. My guest this week – Ashley Ruba, PhD – has taken up the personal mission to keep…

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