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New to the show? These PhD Paths are collections of our most popular episodes grouped by topic.

Every week, David interviews fascinating people who have unique and inspiring insights on career exploration and professional development after graduate school. Learn how to subscribe to the show and never miss a new episode.

Researchers who are in academia or have found their place around academia.

Researchers who thrive in the business arena share their journeys and thought processes.

Communication, career advice, mindfulness – scientists who offer resources or coaching to the PhD community and beyond.

Social media, online platforms, professional networks – scientists who have mobilized large numbers of people share their methods.

Scientists who have made the jump to the industry space.

Medical writing, medical editing, health economics – the scientific method put to use for effective communications in the biomedical domain.

The numbers on mental health in graduate school are out, and they’re not pretty – some of my guests open up and share the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned.

Popularization, journalism, institutional communication, illustration – scientists creating and disseminating content.

Parcours PhD en français

Tu viens de découvrir Papa PhD ? Ces Parcours PhD sont des collections de nos épisodes les plus populaires regroupés par thème.

Chaque semaine, David entrevue des personnes fascinantes qui apportent un regard unique et inspirant sur l’exploration des carrières et le développement professionnel après le doctorat. Apprends comment t’abonner à la balado et ne manque jamais un nouvel épisode.

Des chercheurs qui ont trouvé leur place dans le milieu des affaires partagent leur trajet et leurs processus décisionnels.

Vulgarisation, journalisme, communication institutionnelle – des scientifiques qui créent et diffusent des contenus.

Des chercheurs qui ont trouvé leur place dans le milieu universitaire ou dans des domaines connexes.