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Ontology of Value

The Ontology of Value Masterclass for PhDs is an intensive 6-week online workshop that will gives participants a runway to a brand new career in industry.

This workshop consists of three Sessions.

In the first Session, you will learn need to know about your opportunities in the job market. You will go through a number of self-discovery exercises which will help you determine where you fit best.

In the second act, you will acquire all the skills you need to search for and land good jobs.

Lastly, in the third act, you will learn general self-navigation strategies that will make you progress fast in any working environment and quickly adjust to the changing job market.

And all this in a group of ambitious, helpful, and motivated people like you. And, with the hands-on help of Natalia Bielczyk, a PhD in neuroscience and the author of the book, “What Is out There For Me? The Landscape of Post-Phd Career Tracks.”

If you use this affiliate – during your registration, then during the first session of the workshop you will receive an extra pass for the Ontology of Value Test, the new tool that helps professionals discover where in the job market they fit best. You can use this extra pass to make a gift to your friend or a family member who needs help in their career.


The Ontology of Value: Discovering Your Source of Value for the Society & The Environment That Values You (ODYSSEY) Test was designed for all those who think of changing their career track – but are uncertain what their potential is and where to go next.

The test helps professionals and students determine their natural way of creating value in the job market, and find the working environment where they fit best given their working style, personality, and values.

It is inspired by Alfred Adler’s theory of motivation and was built using a combination of psychometrics and machine learning. The results contain not only qualitative but also quantitative results. They allow the participants to see their strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the reference population of white-collar professionals representing all market sectors.

Two books accompany you in interpreting the results of the Ontology of Value Test: the test booklet containing the post-test information and career tips depending on your results, and a self-navigation manual that will help you land your dream job.

I’ve taken the test myself and found the results extremely insightful and useful to me, in preparing for the job hunt. It was designed with PhDs in mind, and I believe it is a great introspection and career preparation tool for you, the Papa PhD listener.

Dans ma recherche de coaching et de ressources pour relancer et améliorer la chaîne YouTube de Papa PhD, j’ai trouvé beaucoup que ce que j’espérais. J’ai trouvé chez Dominic Sicotte un mentor et dans sa communauté Youtubers.Inc une source d’inspiration et de ressources hors pair.

Des vidéos de formation, des outils pour m’aider à m’organiser, et surtout un groupe de gens motivés et inspirants avec qui discuter mes idées et améliorer mes concepts.

Si tu veux lancer ou améliorer ta chaine, inscris-toi maintenant sur LA RESSOURCE EN FRANÇAIS en matière de formation et de coaching à propos de YouTube. Si les inscriptions ne sont pas ouvertes, tu seras invité à t’inscrire sur la liste d’attente et tu seras contacté aussitôt que les portes ouvrent.


En utilisant le lien ci-dessus, tu t’assureras d’avoir mon nom associé à ton inscription et quand tu adhèreras à la communauté YoutubersInc, j’en serai notifié et je t’offrirai deux sessions de coaching d’orientation où on discutera de ton projet de chaîne YouTube et on fera un brainstorming en préparation à ton entrée dans la communauté.

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