Season Finale – Danni Reches – Part 1 – Building Your Path In the Social Sciences

Welcome to this Papa PhD season finale, a special collab with the What Are You Going to Do With That podcast. Right now, if you go to their website you will find the interview I gave for their show! 

On the Papa PhD mic with me for this interview, I have Danni Reches, host of the W2DWT podcast, talking about her journey up to her PhD and about how she includes other projects and activities in her life as a graduate researcher, namely, working for the Minerva Center for the Study of Law under Extreme Conditions, at the University of Haifa.

Danni Reches

Danni Reches is a PhD fellow and research associate at the Haifa Center for German and European Studies at the University of Haifa. She received her BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands, during which she co-established a student society. As part of her BA, she spent a semester at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on an exchange program. Danni also holds a BA certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies and an MA degree in Diplomacy, a specialization in International Relations, from the University of Haifa.

Her PhD dissertation focuses on policy and perceptions of immigrants from the Middle East in Europe. In other research projects, Danni works on refugees and international law in the EU during crises, including the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ and the corona pandemic.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  •  Why taking a break between your master’s and your PhD can be good for you and allow for some soul-searching, volunteering in your community, and meeting new, like-minded people
  • What advanteges you can reap from choosing a smaller PhD program
  • How a PhD in social sciences works
  • Why you should connect with peers in a wider circle, in graduate school

This episode’s pearl of wisdom:

“Traveling and going to the other side of the world might sound very spontaneous and exciting, but I think it,s also allowing yourself to take that time, even if it’s just a few weeks. To know that when you start something, you’ve considered it and it’s not something you just jumped into  because other people told you it’s what you were supposed to do – it was really your own choice. And I think it’s muche easier to live with that than any other way.”

“I think it’s good for PhD students who are just about to start to realize that they can go out and look for peers. They don’t have to sit and wait until it comes to them. Because this can feel like a very lonely process and it doesn’t necessarily have to be.”

Danni’s links: LinkedIn –; What To Do With That Podcast –; Twitter –; Instagram –

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