Episode transcript:

Hi! David here! 

If you’re new to Papa PhD, welcome! Season 2 of the podcast is almost here – Episode 1 is airing on Thursday, the 24th of September – and I’m really happy to be back in touch with you!

So here’s what’s in the works for Season 2.

On season 1 I tried my best to bring you stories from people with master’s or PhD degrees working in and out of academia, with career paths as diverse as possible.

There were great stories about entrepreneurship, about following creative careers, about mental health in graduate school, about interdisciplinary and outreach work in academia, and about accessing careers in specific domains. You can get a glimpse of all those conversations on episodes 68 and 26, by going to PapaPhD.com/68 and PapaPhD.com/26.

In season 2 I’m going to switch it up and not only bring you guests from different backgrounds and career journeys, but I will also be interviewing specialists who work in the career counseling or in the recruitment domain, to discuss the evolution of the PhD and to share their take on how to best navigate the often foggy waters of transitioning to your professional life.

We’ll be talking employment uncertainty during the COVID pandemic, evolution and future of the PhD brand in society and in the job market, skills development and career building, and mental health, trying to focus each episode on one main question.

So if you’re new to the show and want to warm up to Season 2, go to PapaPhD.com and listen to the Season 1 conversations. And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any of the new episodes, go to PapaPhD.com/season2 and sign up to receive them straight in our inbox!

And that’s all I wanted to share with you in this Season 2 episode Zero. Looking forward to having you in the audience and to hearing from you!

Thank you for being a fan and stay safe!

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