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In this week’s amazing episode with Terence Milstead, he lays out his complete blueprint  for a successful career transition from academia into the private sector.

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Terence Milstead received his Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning in 2008 from Florida State University where his research was focused on factors that influence people to invest time, money and emotional energy into upgrading their dwellings, even in unstable housing markets. This question led him to the former Soviet Union on a Fulbright and subsequently to other parts of the globe. But it also ignited a deep interest in qualitative research and the power of deeply listening to others.

After completing his Ph.D. Terence started down the academic career path. However, after a few years he realized that a full-time career in academia was not what he had envisioned. So, in 20014, he transitioned to private sector, research-based consulting, relocating to the East Coat. But the path from academic to private-sector consultant was a crooked one and didn’t happen overnight. In this episode Terence shares how he came up with a transition plan that ultimately led him to his current position as Head of Qualitative Insights at a global strategic consulting firm based in Washington D.C.

Thank you, Terence Milstead !

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