This week on Papa PhD, I have the pleasure of bringing you my conversation with Greg Kelly, Executive producer of IDEAS, on CBC Radio.

During our conversation, Greg shares a very colourful recount of his experience in Oxford as a literature PhD student and talks about his post-PhD career choices and journey.

Greg is a great storyteller, so I think you’ll really enjoy this one!

Greg Kelly

Greg Kelly took his doctorate in literature at Oxford University.

His work at CBC Radio and Television, as well as the United States and Europe, and won international awards and acclaim in both media.

During our conversation, Greg shared his experience going through a humanities PhD in Oxford, UK, and contrasted the culture with the North-American system.

We then talked about the day-to-day of being a graduate student in the Oxford collegiate system and about how important community is within the otherwise very solitary endeavor that is the PhD.

Throughout our conversations, Greg shared a handful of illustrative stories, and in the last part of the interview, he recounted the moment when he realized the academic career was not his path and what led to his current position at Executive Producer of CBC Radio IDEAS.

Thank you, Greg Kelly!

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2 comments on “Revisiting the Humanities PhD in 2021 with Greg Kelly

  1. Dianne Rose says:

    Greg Kelly’s direction and crew at Ideas has been wonderful for my mental health.
    No crisis surfing there and it would be wonderful if the half hourly and hourly news broadcasts could be more reporting and journalism.
    There are many riches to be had when there is a plethora of presentation or ideas and much poverty in yes or no opinions.
    Great program thanks for choosing Greg Kelly.

    1. David Mendes says:

      Thank you for your comment, Dianne. Glad the interview resonated with you. Feel free to share it liberally 🙂

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