Rerun – Unlocking Your Thesis Writing Super Powers with Martha Boeglin

Do you struggle to sit down and write your thesis? Is the process painful to you?

Then join me in one of the most listened episodes of last season with a specialist, a “thesis whisperer” of sorts – Martha Boeglin of Scriptoria.

During my conversation with Martha, we discuss this inevitable, yet often gruesome task that is thesis writing, and Martha shares her know-how and a number of techniques and strategies to make the exercise a pleasant and successful one.

Martha Boeglin

When she wanted to write her thesis in Philosophy, Martha Boeglin was paralyzed for many months by the fear of the blank page.

When she eventually understood that the fear of the blank page is normal, that almost every researcher is concerned by writer’s block… ant that writing problems are tabou at university, she started to investigate the phenomenon of writing.

One discovery changed her life: writer’s block belongs to the writing process – and there are lots of creative writing techniques to overcome them.

More: some writing techniques hold an almost magical power.

Why are they not taught at university ?

Her passion for writing techniques was born. With a double consequence: first, once she overcame that initial writer’s block, she was able to write her thesis – and worte it in a wave of euphoria.

Second, once she got her Dr. Titel, she created Scriptoria, the writing workshops for PhD students in 2002.

Its goal? To make writing a thesis easier: when you know the right techniques, writing is no longer a chore – it can even become a source of joy.

Thank you, Martha Boeglin !

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