In this second episode of Season 5 of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, I’m sharing with you my conversation about reinventing yourself professionally with Kate Dahl.

Kate Dahl

Kate Dahl is the founder and career consultant for her company, Career Denmark ApS. She is an American who has lived and worked in Denmark for many years. She has helped many international job seekers successfully find and secure their dream role in Denmark.

What we covered in the interview:

  • Embracing new paths outside academia for personal growth and reinvention
  • Overcoming setbacks and failures by not defining oneself solely as a graduate researcher
  • The importance of nurturing other aspects of life and embracing new experiences for overall mental health
  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone and becoming part of new groups and tribes
  • How to learn the culture of a new professional environment
  •  The significance of developing soft skills and effective self-presentation for job hunting outside academia

This episode’s resources:

Thank you, Kate Dahl!

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