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The subject of this week’s interview is close to home for me, for different reasons that will become apparent during the conversation.

If you’ve listened to episode 100 with Dr Shaz Zamore, our conversation ended on a vision of what an inclusive academia could look like.

Today, with my guest Dr Chris Emdin, we talk about his new book “STEM, STEAM, Make, Dream, and we dive deep into the current challenges STEM teaching faces in terms of inclusivity. We also try to find avenues for reimagining an academic space and a graduate school experience where everyone can thrive and contribute, regardless of their place of origin and of their cultural background.


Dr. Christopher Emdin is the Robert A. Naslund Endowed Chair in Curriculum Theory and Professor of Education at the University of Southern California, where he also serves as Director of youth engagement and community partnerships at the USC Race and Equity Center. Chris is also Scholar/Griot in Residence at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

He is the author of award-winning books including his latest: STEM, STEAM, Make, Dream.

Thank you, Chris Emdin!

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