I’m in the middle of my PhD – What Should I Invest In If I Want a Private Sector Job? With The 2nd Lab

Welcome to another collab episode of the PhD Dojo with The 2nd Lab.

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In this new PhD Dojo episode, Gad Sabbatier and I answer another tough question by a 2nd Lab mentee: “Since I’m in the middle of my PhD, what should I focus more to increase my chance of finding a relevant job in a company? Should I focus on increasing the number of publications or other factors are more important?”

Preparing and prioritizing can be huge challenges when you are body and soul engrossed in your PhD project, so this is a crucial question, which Gad and try to answer to based on our combined experiences.


If, like me, you like podcasts, I’m sure you’re always looking for what to add to your playlist.

Well, if you’re into health and genetics, this week I have a nugget for you: three-time People’s Choice Podcast Award winner in Science and Medicine – DNA Today.

DNA Today is produced by past guest and friend of the show – Kira Dineen (See episode 172 – Applying to Grad School in 2022).

What I love about the show is that whether the conversation revolves around the human experience of dealing with genetic diseases or around the research and innovation going on in the field, Kira’s experience as a practicing genetic counselor and her scientific-minded curiosity set the tone and keep it interesting. Having a background in genetics myself and being of mixed descent, I particularly enjoyed episodes about diversity in genome research, but also about CRISPR and about mitochondrial diseases. But there is so much more!

Find “DNA Today” on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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