In this fourth episode of Season 5 of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, I’m sharing with you my conversation about nagivating the PhD journey and avoiding misconceptions about the doctorate with Merle van den Akker.

Merle v d Akker Headshot

Merle van den Akker finished a PhD in behavioural science and left academia to become an applied behavioural scientist in the financial services. She has blogged and written a book about her experiences inside and outside of academia, and how to make the most of both worlds!

What we covered in the interview:

  • Merle’s early academic and professional journey

  •  Studying, interviewing, and deciding on a PhD

  • Struggling with the PhD journey, finding support

  • The importance of choosing your PhD supervisor wisely

  • PhD and academia careers

  • How tunnel vision during the PhDs can hinder your professional success

  • How venting about academia on a blog led into Merle’s recently published book

  • Seeking support, prioritizing health, exploring alternatives

This episode’s resources:

  • Money On the Mind | Blog
  • Merle van den Akker | Twitter
  • The Ultimate Guide to Doing a PhD | Book

Thank you, Merle van den Akker!

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