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This week, I’m delighted to bring you my recent conversation with Olivier Bernard, a.k.a. the Pharmafist! Together, we talked about his passion for science communication and, in particular, about his mission to debunk pseudoscience.

Olivier Bernard

Olivier Bernard has been a pharmacist since 2004 and is a Fellow of the Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec since 2022. He holds a master’s degree in pharmacogenetics research. Since 2012, he has been involved in science popularization, as author and illustrator of the Le Pharmachien website and books of the same name.

He has received the Prix Innovation from the Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec (2015) and the Prix Marc Lebel from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Université Laval (2022) for his work in popularizing science. In 2019, he received the John Maddox International Award in London for defending science in the face of adversity, in connection with his work on the issue of injectable vitamin C in Quebec. From 2016 to 2022, he scripted and hosted the TV documentary series Les Aventures du Pharmachien on Radio-Canada. Since 2020, he has been producing a podcast –  Dérives – on Radio-Canada OHdio, whose first season, entitled “Le rituel de sudation”, won a gold medal at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2021. 

What we covered in the interview:

  • Understanding dangerous trends in self-improvement and spirituality

  • Pros and cons of using humor in healthcare communication

  • Pharmacists can be influential in communication science to the public

  • Engaging anti-vaccine beliefs: Listening, empathizing, finding common ground

  • The importance of allowing yourself to accept opportunities despite imposter feelings as a young professional

  • Connecting with younger researchers, learning from past mistakes

This episode’s resources:

  • The Pharmafist | Website
  • TV show – « Les aventures du Pharmachien » (French) | Tou.tv

Thank you, Olivier Bernard!

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