The Power of Mentorship During a Career Pivot With Anushka Khasnobish

This week on Papa PhD, I’m sharing the story of someone I’ve had the pleasure to mentor during her PhD to non-academic job transition – Anushka Khasnobish.

I want to thank Anushka for suggesting to share this testimonial on the show and for the chance to reflect on a string of conversations that took place over a number of months and to make sense of them in retrospect.

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Anushka Khasnobish oversees scientific communications as Innovation Evangelist at TCS research. In 2021, she graduated with a doctorate from Okayama University, Japan. Her research was in the field of microbiome sciences where she worked on establishing a link between the community of microbes in our saliva and non-oral diseases. At this moment Anushka is trying to learn as much as she can about scientific communications, photography and a little bit of French language.

Since the penultimate year of her PhD, she has been working with Useful Science contributors, editors and podcast hosts to break down research papers into bit-size useful summaries that one can incorporate in their lives right away. Anushka has a great desire to leverage her scientific experience and personal skills in projects involving scientific communications, intellectual property rights and science outreach.

Thank you, Anushka Khasnobish !

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