Are you feeling stuck, wondering what career options are available beyond academia? In this episode of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, Dr. Rebecca Tadokera shares her journey from a PhD in Clinical Immunology to becoming the founder and CEO of her own medical writing and scientific communication consulting company.

Get inspired and learn about the exciting opportunities available today for graduates in the growing field of medical communications.

Questions we cover in our conversation: 

  • What challenges do PhDs face in finding tenure-track positions as professors after completing their degree?
  • Dealing with feelings of failure PhD graduates may experience when they do not secure a tenure-track position?
  • What is medical writing, and what are the different types of jobs available in the field?
  • What is the entry requirement for medical communications companies, and what is the potential for growth within the company or as a freelancer?
  • How can freelancers establish their business and market themselves in the medical writing industry?

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Rebecca is a medical communications professional who has made a successful transition to the field after spending more than 12 years working as a research scientist in academia. Rebecca holds a PhD in clinical immunology and a Master of Public Health from the University of Cape Town and has worked as a Senior Research Scientist and Research Specialist in a number of academic and public health of institutions in South Africa.
Rebecca is the founder and CEO of ScieHealth Communications, a boutique medical writing and scientific communication consulting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rebecca is passionate about science communication and its potential to positively impact society. She is equally dedicated to mentoring the next generation of scientists, helping them align their careers with their values and passions.
When she’s not working, you can find Rebecca enjoying the great outdoors and soaking up nature’s beauty. She’s also an avid runner, regularly completing half-marathons.

Thank you, Rebecca Tadokera

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