Managing Your Imposter Experience During and Beyond Your Degree with Marc Reid

This week, on the first Papa PhD episode of 2023, I am bringing you an incredibly insightful conversation about the impostor phenomenon in academia and beyond with Marc Reid, PhD, author of You Are Not a Fraud – A Scientist’s Guide to the Imposter Phenomenon.

Imposter feelings are ubiquitous in graduate school and throughout your career, especially after pivots into a new position or a new space.

Marc has put a lot of thought into this question and was generous enough to come on the show to share his experience dealing with imposter feelings and what drove him to write a book on the subject.

A great way to start the year for me and, I hope, for you, too.

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Marc was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland.

He completed his Masters and Carnegie Trust-sponsored PhD in Chemistry at the University of Strathclyde. Marc was then a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Edinburgh. During that time, he was inducted into the SciFinder Future Leaders in Chemistry programme.

Marc’s independent academic career has been fuelled by prestigious Leverhulme Trust and UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships. He has held lecturing positions at the University of Bristol and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship. In 2021, Marc completed the altMBA.

His research interests include physical organic chemistry, computer vision, virtual reality, process safety, and the Imposter Phenomenon.

He lives with his wife, two kids, and border terrier in ‘sunny’ Glasgow.

Thank you, Marc Reid!

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