Today on Papa PhD, I have the pleasure of bringing you my recent conversation with Amani Said.

During this high energy conversation, Amani shares how her career transition experience after her PhD has inspired her to coach scientists to start thinking about their long-term vision and mission early on in their careers.

We also talked about mental health issues when transitioning after the PhD, and about ways to reduce stress and anxiety about your professional future.

And Amani shares a gift for you duning the interview, so be sure to listen to the end!


As a career coach and trainer Amani Said is on a mission to empower as many scientists as possible in launching dream careers that are making an impact in our society.
Today Amani can confidently say she has created not only a dream career for herself, but a dream LIFE living in Spain under the sun.

But things were not always this shiny and great. She had a very bumpy ride after getting her PhD in 2007 at the Max-Planck in Dresden Germany. She believed back then that a PhD degree would magically attract all the opportunities my way. Instead, she graduated into unemployment, confusion and feeling completely worthless. She was very afraid of making the wrong choices and failing when it came to her career. To make a very long and painful story short, after trying out many different careers, countries and cities, Amani realized what needed to change was not the job but HER. That is how the journey of personal development and coaching began.

Working on her mindset and changing her habits was the key that helped her overcome most of my obstacles and achieve her personal and professional goals. That is why today Amani is training and coaching 100s of scientists in doing the same, developing a growth mindset in combination with learning all the career development skills to launch their dream careers.

Thank you, Amani Said!

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