Leveraging Your Personal Brand in Academia and Beyond with Samantha Lynch

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This week on Papa PhD, I’m sharing my conversation with Samantha (Dr Sam) Lynch.

Often, in conversations with graduate researchers, I hear something I might have said or thought at a certain point, which is “don’t talk to me about pitching  and about selling my self”. Well, coming from the retail and marketing sector, Sam showed me that personal branding and selling your profile is actually an integral aspect of the academic career development journey, and not exclusive to the private sector.

As a marketer and researcher by trade and later as an academic, Dr Sam Lynch works with businesses, agencies, and independent consultants to deliver fashion consumer behaviour research. Sam obtained her MSc International Fashion Retailing and PhD from the University of Manchester. Her PhD examined the stages of the omnichannel customer decision-making journey for fashion.

Translating her knowledge into academia Dr Sam has worked as a University Head of Department with responsibility for examining, validating and delivering graduate and undergraduate fashion education.

Passionate about knowledge-exchange Sam has overseen and delivered partnerships with industry through fashion sponsorship events, working with graduate students in industry through her venture FS* | Fashion Smart and independently through her Work Smarter* consultancy. Sam is also an advocate and mentor for early career academics.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The challenges and benefits of having a job during your PhD
  • The importance of choosing a supervisor with whom you can have a relationship based on trust
  • How physical activity can help your mental health through tough times
  • Crying is normal and natural, and might help, too
  • Personal branding isn’t only for people in the private sector – it’s also important within academia
  • Your milestones and challenges are part and parcel of your biography
  • The importance of working smart and of being strategic about when to be a perfectionist
  • Why you should accept your pace and not compare with people around you

Thank you, Samantha Lynch!

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