Welcome to the third Beyond the Thesis Treasure From the Vault I am sharing with you this summer break! My great conversation about life balance as a young researcher with Katya Park.

During the interview, Katya shared how during her PhD and postdoc she made sure to stay true to her life plans, namely those related to building a family, while working towards her goals, scientifically, and about how she dealt with the pressures and fears young researchers who want to start a family still experience, today.

Katya did her PhD in molecular neuroscience at the University of Toronto, she defended when she was 7 months pregnant with her third son.

Her post-doc was in molecular mechanisms involved in traumatic brain injury, and then she was the director of the Neurovascular Research team at a private health clinic.

Wanting to get a broader picture of how things work, Katya left the lab and worked at the Ministry of Health.

She currently manages a team of researchers and evaluators at the Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. She misses science though and the conversations involved, so she and her husband (also a neuroscientist) have started their own scientific consulting company.

Thank you, Katya Park!

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