Dealing With Mental Unrest in Grad School With Jessica Schleider

Struggling with anxiety, the fear of evaluation, or just feeling overwhelmed in grad school? You’re not alone.

Join host David Mendes with special guest Dr. Jessica Schleider, Associate Psychology Professor at Northwestern University, as they dive deep into the mental health challenges faced by graduate students around the world, today.

Jessica Schleider

Jessica L. Schleider, PhD, is Associate professor of psychology at Northwestern University, where she directs the Lab for Scalable Mental Health. Schleider completed her PhD in clinical psychology at Harvard University, her doctoral internship in clinical and community psychology at Yale School of Medicine, and her BA in psychology at Swarthmore College. Her research on brief, scalable interventions for youth depression and anxiety has been recognized via numerous awards, including a National Institutes of Health Director’s Early Independence Award; the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) President’s New Researcher Award; and Forbes’s “30 Under 30 in Healthcare.”

What we covered in the interview:

  • Stigma vs. Support – Jessica uncovers the pressures that push grad students to maintain a façade of unwavering competence and how this hinders their mental well-being
  • Inspiring Journey – Hear Jessica’s personal narrative of overcoming a severe eating disorder, inspiring her to revolutionize mental health care accessibility.
  • Cultural Nuances – David and Jessica explore the diverse experiences of international graduate students and their impact on their feelings of unrest and of agency.

  • Empowerment through Single-Session Interventions –practical strategies to reclaim autonomy  and agency amidst spiraling anxieties and overwhelming challenges.

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