Helping PhDs bring their research from lab to market with Diana Horqque

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This week on Papa PhD, I’m sharing my conversation with Diana Horqque of V1 Studio about the Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship or QcSE Program.

The day this episode comes out you have just under a week to apply – the deadline is February 2nd 2022 for the cohort starting on February 7th, so listen to the interview and if you’re interested and eligible, be sure to apply now!


Diana Horqque is the Executive Director at V1 Studio, a non-profit organization affiliated with Concordia university that partners with Canada’s best scientific entrepreneurs to bring their research from lab to market through the convergence of emerging technologies, science and leadership.

As part of her role at V1 Studio, she leads 2 main programs: The Quebec Scientific Entrepreneurship Program, which is an online lab-to-market program that gives scientists an entrepreneurial mindset to transform their academic research into tangible innovative products and services. She also leads the Scientific Venture Program, which is a 2-year all-in-one post-doc program specifically targeted at PhDs to accompany them throughout the different stages of developing their research from lab-to-market.

Thank you, Diana Horqque!

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