Being Field-Ready for the Postdoc and Job Search with Sara Vero

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Today on Papa PhD, I have the pleasure of bringing you a conversation with Sara Vero, about how the principles she lays out in her book – Fieldwork Ready: An Introductory Guide to Field Research for Agriculture, Environment, and Soil Scientists – apply to your postdoc or job search.


Sara Vero is a lecturer and researcher in soil and agricultural science. Many areas of study involve outdoor experiments which bring unique challenges, but often, training is focused on laboratory approaches only. Sara’s goal is to help students and early career researchers to develop skills that will make them successful in the field, and take away the anxiety that many feel around fieldwork. Her book ‘Fieldwork Ready’ covers logistics, safety, experimental design, and essential techniques for field research and I run online and in-person workshops and consultations. Many of the skills and approaches learned during field research are transferable to career development, particularly post-docs and early career researchers.

Thank you, Sara Vero!

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