Are Things Changing for the Better for Women in STEM? with Krishna Kadiyala

On this episode, I will be bringing you my interview with Krishna Kadiyala. During our conversation, we talked about Krishna’s experience as a woman in the STEM space, and in particular about her decision to have children during the PhD. An important conversation I really wanted to bring you, as the subject is seldom covered, but affects so many young researchers.


Krishna Kadiyala is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Texas Christian University. Prior to starting her PhD journey, she was Senior Network Engineer at AT&T Labs in Middletown, NJ for 3 years.

During Krishna’s PhD candidature, she’s also mothered two beautiful girls. She is passionate about learning, teaching and helping girls in Computer Science, and is an advocate for PhD moms and moms with young kids in academia.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The overwhelm mothers experience in research before and after COVID
  • How Krishna learned what her type of parenting was and how she built her schedule around it
  • The importance of choosing a university/research environment where your life plans will be accepted and encouraged
  • The importance of guaranteeing funding that will not be impacted by the decision to have children
  • How self-advocacy is key to getting things to change around you
  • Why putting your mental health first is key at any stage of your career

Thank you, Krishna Kadiyala!

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