What is the Impact of AI on Higher Education? With Tim Dasey

This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD we will be discussing “What is the Impact of AI on Higher Education?” with Tim Dasey, author of the book “Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker”.

Tim Dasey

Dr. Tim Dasey has a long history in AI and learning science, and recently published the book “Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker.” After thirty years at MIT leading AI development for diverse government needs, Tim leapt into education due to concern that minds won’t be ready for the jobs that remain human. He has a smidge of teaching experience at corporate, higher ed, and K-12 levels. Dr. Dasey has atypical perspectives on the future of schooling built from a blend of AI expertise, experience with many industries, depth in the science of learning and judgment, and more than a decade leading development of game-based learning tools.

What we covered in the interview:

  • The role of AI in managing tasks and abstracting information: AI and other technologies are revolutionizing the way we work, freeing up our time for more strategic thinking and decision-making. Discover how AI can translate and generate content, reducing labor-intensive tasks.

  • The challenges and opportunities in evaluating AI-generated scientific papers: Join us as we discuss the impact of AI on the peer review process and how institutions like MIT are handling the authenticity and quality of AI-generated research.

  • Nurturing human capabilities alongside AI: Learn about the importance of self-awareness, interdisciplinary approaches, and human collaboration skills in an era of AI. Explore how AI can support individuals in areas affected by conditions like ADHD, as shared by our guest, Tim Dasey.


This episode’s resources:

  • Tim Dasey | Website
  • “Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker” | Book

Thank you, Tim Dasey!

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